Interesting Classes At UOP

Interesting Classes At UOP

So maybe you are looking for an intriguing, underground class that fulfills a general education requirement. Or maybe you are searching for an interesting class that merely fulfills a certain number of units. Whatever the case, here are a few of the most interesting classes Pacific offers.

If you are looking for a class that combines the creativity of the liberal arts with the relative reliability of science, then look no further. Physics of Music (PHYS 039) is a four-unit course that fulfills GE requirement IIIA, while also showcasing the basic physics behind music.

While we are on the subject of music, checking out Topics in American Popular Music (MHIS 007) could prove just as fascinating. This three-unit course focuses on a different subject each semester, ranging from 1950s to 1960s music to folk music throughout America’s history. It also conveniently rids your schedule of GE IIC, the visual and performing arts requirement.

What is America without Hollywood? In History goes to Hollywood (HIST 119), you can receive four units of credit to watch films and analyze how they shape our understanding of historical events. This class can fulfill GE IIC or gender or film studies requirements. Sounds more fun than regular old high school history class, huh?

Since we are discussing history, why not check out some of the obscure language courses Pacific has to offer? Yes, that is the classical Hebrew (HBRW 011A) and ancient Greek (GREK 011A) courses you see in the catalog. Both GE IIA-covering classes offer basic instruction in reading and writing, as well as a historical primer, and ring in at four units apiece.

If unique language courses sound cool, try out Asian Cinemas (ASIA 120) or La Francophonie (FREN 122).
Both four-unit classes cover the film, literature and cultural identity of either Asian countries (including China, Hong Kong Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and India) or the French-speaking locales of Africa, the Antilles and/or Canada. Asian Cinemas covers GE IIC and film major requirements, while La Francophonie completes your GE IC obligation.

Whether you are trying to complete GE requirements or just looking for a fun time, Pacific has the classes for you.
These are merely a few of the many classes Pacific offers, so be sure to check out the full 2014-2015 academic catalog for additional compelling options, such as playwriting, martial arts, film production and mineralogy.

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