Class of 2018, Welcome To Your New Safari

Class of 2018, Welcome To Your New Safari

You are a Pacific Tiger now, and welcome to your new safari: University of the Pacific. Although tigers are considered solitary creatures, Pacific Tigers are anything but! These four years will likely fly by, so do not wait to explore all that Pacific has to offer.

The recently renovated Baun Fitness Center attracts many Tigers looking to sharpen their claws. Watch the latest blockbuster in the Janet Leigh Theatre in the comfort of your own campus. Attend a lecture by one of the many authors, professors, professionals, etc. that frequent our beautiful campus.

Take a stroll through the rose garden with a friend (or bring a crush to spark some romance). Cheer for the orange and black at a sporting event. Consider joining one of the many professional and fraternal organizations this campus has to offer.

Attend a concert performed by traveling musicians or Pacific’s very own Conservatory in the Faye Spanos Concert Hall. Watch the drama unfold in a play on the Long Theatre’s stage. Check out the latest exhibit in the Reynolds Gallery. Submit a piece of writing to Calliope, Pacific’s literary and arts magazine, or write for The Pacifican.

As a Pacific Tiger, your weekly entertainment options are endless. Seemingly boring events can actually be quite exciting, such as lectures.

Pacific also provides you with countless opportunities to learn and open your mind. The events of Love Your Body Week are devoted to teaching young people how to develop a healthy image of their body. In February, the campus is packed with events for Black History Month. The Women’s Center, PRIDE Center and Multicultural Center provide a safe haven for students who identify with minority groups.

Aside from making friends and exploring all your entertainment options, you are (hopefully) here to learn, so make sure you organize your time wisely to avoid all-nighters and a caffeine overdose.

Most of you are living on your own for the first time, and although it feels very liberating, it is easy to ignore all the work you must do without a parent physically present to hold you accountable. However, do not give in to the temptation: The satisfaction you get from knowing that you are doing well in your classes will likely exceed any joy you get from slacking off. A little discipline and organization can go a long way in helping you succeed.

Apart from the seemingly endless amount of homework, tests and lectures, college is truly a blast, especially University of the Pacific, so try to do as much as you can during these next four years.

When you proudly cross the stage at Commencement to receive your diploma, you will feel even prouder knowing that you tried to do as much as you could during your past four years at Pacific.

While you explore the university, do not forget to check out Stockton, Calif., your home for the next four years. It may take some digging, but you can unearth great treasures here, such as the Miracle Mile and Lincoln Center.
The Miracle Mile is filled with a variety of interesting mom and pop shops, upscale bars, family-owned restaurants and more. Lincoln Center is home to a variety of stores, from trendy boutiques to swanky restaurants. So, be sure to explore your new city before you graduate!

Although students typically “find themselves” in college, there is no rush to discover who you are. However, that is why it is so important for you to try as many new things as you can. Now is the time to ignite your hidden passions, for you will likely not have enough leisure time in the future.

Take classes that truly interest you, so you can pick a major that aligns with your values and interests. Students often switch their majors, so do not be alarmed if that happens to you: It is part of the college experience.

After you graduate, if you tried to do all you could, then you will leave feeling accomplished. However, if you do not try, then you will feel like you wasted your time. Do not shortchange your own college experience: Explore as much as you can! When you move onto bigger and better things, remember to keep in touch with professors, Pacific staff and alumni who helped you along the way.

Nicole Felkins


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Nicole Felkins

Editor In Chief at The Pacifican