Best menu items for places to eat in Stockton

Best menu items for places to eat in Stockton

​Let’s set the scene: You are leaving class, looking for something to please your picky palate. Or the weekend arrives, and you are seeking a great place off campus to dine with friends.In any case, give one of these enticing entrees a try next time you are searching for a satisfying bite to eat.

​If you are on campus, give one of the following meals a go. Who knows, you may just discover a new favorite.
1. Egg, Chorizo and Provolone Burrito – $4.65*
A tasty burrito, perfect for breakfast or lunch on the go.

Find me at: E.A.T (Easy Artisan Takeout) food truck.
2. Perfect Pulled Pork Sandwich – $6.65*
Juicy, tender pulled pork paired with salty ham, melted Fiscalini farmstead cheddar, pickles and spiced brewery mustard, all on a toasted French roll. Definitely hits the spot after a tedious pre-lunch class.

Find me at: E.A.T truck
3. Meat Lover’s Calzone with Garlic Fries Bundle – $8.40*
A delicious, freshly baked pizza pie stuffed with gooey cheese, spicy pepperoni, sausages and more. Pair with zesty garlic fries if you are feeling hungry. A peach Italian soda ($2.50*) is a refreshing end to this hearty meal.

Find me at: The Lair
4. Garden Piadini with Sweet Potato Fries Bundle – $9.00*
This huge, wholesome flatbread wrap is stuffed with a medley of fresh vegetables, including juicy lettuce, plump tomatoes and slivered carrots, and is served with your choice of flavorful salad dressing. Add a batch of yummy sweet potato fries and you have got yourself quite a satisfying spread.

Find me at: The Lair
However, if you or someone you trust can drive, or you want to employ the services of Pacific’s shuttle system, try one of these savory dishes:
1. Mad Cow Burger – $6.50*
A scrumptious, juicy burger topped with a fried egg, bacon, chipotle sauce, fried jalapenos, grilled onions and the works. Pair it with a thick pistachio shake ($4.95*) and you are in for a real treat.
Find me at: Flip’s Burgers ($), 2503 Waterloo Road, Stockton, Calif.
2. Chowder Bread Bowl – $9*
This creamy clam chowder is served in a fresh sourdough bread bowl with a toasted cheese and garlic lid. It is a perfect end to rainy days or random outings.
Find me at: Bud’s Seafood Grille ($$), 314 Lincoln Center, Stockton, Calif.
3. Papapavlo’s Combination – $18.95*
This dish contains generous portions of Papapavlo’s crowd-pleasing casseroles: Spanakopita, a spinach and feta casserole in filo pastry; Pastitsio, a beef and macaroni casserole topped with filo pastry; and Moussaka, a sautéed eggplant, ground beef and potato casserole topped with creamy béchamel sauce.

Find me at: Papapavlo’s ($$), 501 N Lincoln Center, Stockton, Calif.
​No matter where you decide to eat, be aware of the variety of choices in and around Pacific.
Do not forget to peruse the daily specials in The Marketplace or at The Lair; there are plenty of delicious rotating options, such as mushroom and Swiss burgers or five-spice chicken.
When you are feeling especially persnickety, live it up at The Marketplace’s custom pasta and sandwich bars, or customize your own burgers and pizza upstairs at The Lair. Bon appétit!
*Prices subject to change.

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