Welcome, Alumni

Welcome, Alumni

As the Pacific community unites to celebrate a new class of graduating students, the time has come to reflect on all the accomplishments made throughout your life in Stockton. Congratulations, you did it! Alongside the good grades (at least good enough to graduate) were all nighters at the library and parties, losing your voice at sporting events and concerts, checking yourself in the mirror before formals, and to prepare for presentations and interviews. You made the best of friends and the worst of decisions, but you learned great deal about yourselves and what you’re capable of.

Now the next chapter is right around the corner. For some, it is grad school. For others, Corporate America. While we may be saying farewell to life in Stockton, our life in stripes is still just beginning. we left our marks on campus and now we now have the ability to make our mark around the world. We raised the bar once, and now we must raise it again from those before us, and to set the bar higher for those to come.

Just because the city on your address does not say Stockton anymore (maybe it will) does not mean we have to disconnect from the community we love, and the institution that provided us with endless possibilities. From joining the alumni network, and the free digital subscription to The Pacifican, its easier than ever to stay up to date and stay forever involved.

As alumni, we must help continue to make Pacific’s roar heard. So pick up some extra gear at the book store or Tiger Collection, and wear it proud. What ever your next step is, be heard and make a mark, as how we do from here can help Pacific continue to rise for the rest of our lives. Where ever you go, who ever was here before you, do it better than them. And together we will continue to advance Pacific forward.

No matter where you are, the orange and black stripes should, and will always be a part of your identity, because once a tiger, always a tiger. We are proud to be Pacific graduates, and now its time to make Pacific proud of giving us the great opportunity we had here, by advancing ourselves into the world.

So congratulations again, and enjoy this time to with your friends and loved ones, and good luck.
Pacific Hail, Roar Tyges.


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