Pacific has made me into who I am Today

Pacific has made me into who I am Today

Khuram Zaman

                                   Khuram Zaman

To put into words all that Pacific means and has meant to me over the past three years would be a task I’m not ready to take on. In my short time here, this university, the professors and students within it, and this city have transformed me into the person I am today.

The part of Pacific I will miss the most is the relationships I have been allowed to build with my professors. One thing that this school definitely prides itself on is the small class sizes. This may seem like a given to Pacific students, but at most universities this is not the case. To add to that, the small size of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences has allowed me to take advantage of the close access I had to the four professors that currently make up the department. Throughout my time as an environmental science major, I have had the opportunity to spend one-on-one time with my professors to get help with assignments or simply discuss issues relevant to the department. At the same time, many professors have the resources to invite outside speakers to provide real perspectives of the issues at hand. The value of speaking with experts in their field reaches farther than most students realize until long after they graduate.

Another bonus of attending a small school like Pacific is having easy access to various clubs and organizations. I wasn’t the most involved on campus for my first year, but I was eventually able to expand my roots. At the beginning of my Junior year, plans were being made to construct an on-campus garden directly outside of my department building. It wasn’t long before my curiosity and love for getting my hands dirty landed me right in the middle of the project digging trenches. This marked the beginning of my campus involvement.

After seeing the fruits of my labor, my desire to become more involved grew. At the same time, I needed a job. A Facebook ad led me to apply for a position as the opinion editor of the school newspaper, The Pacifican. There was no way that I could have known the impact that this would have on the rest of my time at Pacific. The beginning of my senior year marked the start of my blind attempt to edit a newspaper section. The job took me to events all around campus, and I really started to get to know how good we had it as students. We as students have access to any sort of lecture, event, or job imaginable.

Thinking back, I will truly miss my time at Pacific. As both a transfer student and someone who is fairly introverted, I didn’t expect to develop such a strong connection with my school so quickly. This past three years has taught me that connecting with people from different areas is just as important as excelling in my own. I will miss this place when I leave, but I appreciate all that it has given me.

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