Sequel for The Goonies in the Works

sipThis past week, the global fans of the 1980s adventure classic The Goonies learned some very exciting news. While there is always chatter about sequels and remakes of the best movies to hit the box office, many of the rumors just sit on the back burner until anticipation finally burns out. However, this past week, The Goonies director, Richard Donner, revealed, “A sequel is currently in the works. Sean Astin said in 2012 that he was ‘1000 percent certain’ that a sequel would happen.”

Warner Brothers has claimed that the movie is being fast tracked and will be co-produced by Richard Connor, Steven Speilburg and Chris Columbus. Connor and Columbus directed and wrote the original movie themselves, so Speilburg will be a new addition to the team. mentioned, “As far as the plot goes, the producers apparently want to focus on the children of The Goonies and include cameos from the original characters where possible.”

Rumors of a remake of another ‘80s classic – Gremlins – has also been stirring up some hype on the blogosphere; however, when Columbus was asked to comment on the potential remake of Gremlins a few years ago, he responded with the following: “It was the kind of movie that would be impossible to recreate in a CGI environment,” since doing so would “lose that sense of anarchy that those Gremlins had.”

“Obviously, computer generated imagery has come a long way even in that short period of time, but even so, it would be great to see a remake with new and improved puppets. Gizmo in particular would not be nearly as cuddly if he was computer animated,” remarks the article found on Screenrant.

Stay tuned for updates as the anticipation for the sequel and our favorite characters continues, and remember, goonies “never say die!”

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