The Tiger Sex Column: How to Respectfully “sexile” Your Roommate

The Tiger Sex Column: How to Respectfully “sexile” Your Roommate

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When adjusting to the college life, sharing a room with another person can definitely have its challenges. However, being “sexiled” is every roommates worst annoyance. When you or your roommate has an overnight guest and needs some privacy for a while, it can go from awkward to a major problem if both roommates are not on the same page. After all, who wants to come home at 3:00 a.m. only to be blocked from his or her own room? Listed below are some good ways, as seen at, to avoid pissing off your roommate when you are “doing the deed” with that certain someone.

Communication is a must so that you and your roommate are on the same page about how the sexile is going to go down. Come up with a way of letting each other know when you are already in the room and do not want to be disturbed. A word on your dry-erase board, setting a book outside, sending a text message, or sticking a post-it note somewhere on your door are simple nonverbal cues. If you choose to hang something on the doorknob that signifies to your roommate that you are “getting it on,” just be careful what you hang up. Putting a hat or sock up may also notify your hallmates what you are up to. Additionally, you may want to consider coming up with something to say if you, your roommate and one of your boyfriends/girlfriends is in the room and someone wants some personal time. Bringing up a certain topic (such as a family member or computer problem) can act as a signal so that one roommate knows he or she should leave. Just like that, you and your partner have the room to yourselves.

To show respect for one another, have an understanding about your guests. Most college roommates share somewhat of an understanding about being sexiled until it becomes a major problem. Being sexiled for an hour or so? No problem. Though being sexiled for hours on end and night after night can be a major problem. Talk with your roommate about how much time is okay to be blocked from your room and how long guests can stay, such as all weekend or just the night.

Figure out a plan if you both want the room. The only thing worse than coming home to find yourself sexiled is coming home to find yourself sexiled with a guest. Simply talk to your roommate about what to do in this situation and how you both can be respectful of each other as well as of your shared space.

Working around each of your schedules is a great way to avoid awkwardness. Be familiar with each other’s class schedule, so you know when the room will be free. Sexiling doesn’t have to be complicated, so take advantage of that time in order for you to get the privacy you need without making things tense between the two of you.

In a nut shell, having a few predetermined rules and communication methods in place before a situation arises is the best way to keep an awkward situation from becoming uncomfortable for everyone involved. After all, just imagine how awkward things would be if you accidentally walked in on a situation you really did not need to see. Planning ahead just may be your best bet from getting the classic sexile.

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