Have Your Own “stay-cation” at Mount Diablo

Have Your Own “stay-cation” at Mount Diablo

Summit Post Mount Diablo standing tall and proud as it looks over the San Fransisco Bay.

                                                                                                                                                                                          Summit Post
Mount Diablo standing tall and proud as it looks over the San Fransisco Bay.

While the valley is home to beautiful plains and smooth Delta waters, hiking enthusiasts do not have to go far to get their fill. As the sun sets, one can see the mountains from I-5 as the fireball disappears behind a natural gem of the region, Mount Diablo.

Mount Diablo of Contra Costa County is located beyond the Altamont Pass (which takes you to San Francisco). Standing at a peak of 3,848 feet, Mount Diablo is home to a variety of great hiking trails for all skill levels, beautiful wildlife, such as coyotes and bobcats, and some of the best views around.

Depending on the season, California condors and even bald eagles can be seen. Due to the flat lands that surround the mountain, on a clear day, the naked eye can see all the way to the Sierra Nevadas, and even the Golden Gate Bridge is visable.

In what has become a visual focal point to natives of Northern California, Mount Diablo is a perfect place to escape the treacheries of books and exams. Get out and go see for yourself some of the United States’ top natural beauty.

Prior to attempting one of the hiking paths, be sure to stop in at the visitor center, as some of the trails are for very experienced hikers, and proper equipment and water will be necessary for the climbs. However, there are much less challenging paths for those who wish to spend a day casually looking out on the region. The peak, which is accessible by car, bike or foot, is also home to a beautiful park that has great panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay and the valley. So, next time exams and studying become overwhelming, get outside to enjoy the beauty of the region and some fresh air to help regroup and motivate your mind and body.

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