Educated Drinking: It’s What Saves College Students

As college students, we should know a thing or two about handling our alcoholic beverages. There’s nothing wrong with having a good time, but being smart about how we drink is the key to a successful night, or day even.

The most important decision to make before you have a drink is to eat something. Drinking on an empty stomach will only leave you with regret, but to quote Aaron White, an assistant research professor at Duke University Medical Center: “A full tummy slows down the body’s absorption of alcohol and helps protect against irritation and vomiting.” Also, eating food that contains a little oil or fat will slow the rate at which your body absorbs the alcohol. Sara Reistad-Long, a contributing writer to Fox News, recommends “a handful of spiced nuts, a cheese-and-cracker combo, or a few olives are all good options” to keep you going strong.

Keep your drinking slow and steady because chugging them will only send you to bed earlier than planned. At the rate our bodies absorbs alcohol into the bloodstream and how intoxicated we feel isn’t just based on the proof of the drink, but it’s also based on the rate we consume our beverage.

According to a study conducted at the University of Manchester as reported by Reistad-Long, “A small glass of wine drunk in a half hour can have the same effect as a stiff vodka martini sipped over an hour. But, the effects of the martini will last longer. Having a carbonated drink, like Champagne or a gin and tonic, may also make you feel effects faster. Drinks with bubbles were absorbed into the bloodstream faster than flat ones.”

Ladies, don’t try to keep up with the guys, or you’re just asking for a hangover. “Women metabolize alcohol more slowly than men do, and surprisingly, this has nothing to do with body weight. Men have 20 to 30 percent more water in their systems, so anything a man drinks will automatically be diluted that much more, even if he’s exactly your weight,” Reistad-Long explains. Keep your drinking at your own maximum. If you’re trying to impress someone, it just might backfire in your face, with them holding your hair.

When it comes to choosing your poison, Athima Chansanchai, a reporter for the Seattle Post- Intelligencer, advises the following: “Watch out for brandy and whiskey. Clearer alcohols, like vodka, gin or white rum, are less likely to cause a hangover. In fact, researchers put the theory to the test and found boozing on bourbon caused a worse hangover than drinking vodka.”

Just remember that whatever you decide to drink, do not mix lights with darks. Some alcohol is a bit expensive, but paying that extra penny is worth it for a good night and morning. Cheap booze gives you a worse hangover. That’s because the producers of expensive alcohol filter out more impurities. So, don’t be cheap, and whatever you do, don’t buy anything that is bottled in plastic.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks for drinking will benefit your nights and mornings to come. Remember the saying every time: “Beer before liquor: Never sicker.” Sticking to that rule will keep you having a good time.

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