Thoughtful Thanksgiving

Thoughtful Thanksgiving

Jamil Burns The table where the samples of food were given out.

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The table where the samples of food were given out.

On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, Sustaining Pacific, ASuop, Pacific Wellness and the Fair Trade Steering Committee collaborated to host the first Thoughtful Thanksgiving in the dining area of the DeRosa University Center.

Their goal was to “increase awareness of conscious consumption on Thanksgiving in relation to the environment, social entrepreneurship and personal health,” according to Wellness Commissioner Lucy Kramer.

The event included free samples of a variety of foods crafted from produce grown in Pacific’s very own Ted & Chris Robb Garden. Other items served at the event were sustainably purchased with the fair trade stamp of approval.

Students and faculty on their lunch breaks came to support the cause and enjoy a tasty snack at the same time. The items served at the event were made using produce that mostly came from the university’s garden.

A soft, vegan pumpkin bread and the pumpkin muffins, both made from the garden’s pumpkins, offered a sweet and conscious treat to visitors. Alex Caspero, Pacific’s dietician, commonly known as NutriCat, made a squash soup.

Dried persimmons were also available to try; they were grown at Boggs Tract Community farm in Stockton.

Along with local products, fair trade items were also offered as samples.

Only imported food products that are purchased under the fair trade agreement can be labeled so, which ensures that farmers receive a fair share of the profits. Among the items offered were a variety of chocolates and fair trade coffee purchased by Bon Appetit.

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