My Favorite Professor: Alan Ray

My Favorite Professor: Alan Ray

Facebook Alan Ray shows his smile on campus.

Alan Ray shows his smile on campus.

Let’s be honest: We all have one professor that we may enjoy a little more than others, but we still care about all of them and their passion for their students. Though if I had to choose one professor that stands out as a role model and mentor at Pacific, it would be Alan Ray, Ph.D. Professor Ray, or A-Ray, has been apart of the Pacific family since 1987, and he has surely made a positive impact in the Communication Department ever since.

Ray’s knowledge and passion for media-related studies truly display how much a professor gives to this school. Ray is a charismatic and unique professor, and calling him dedicated to the Communication Department is an understatement. If it wasn’t for him, KPAC radio and TV wouldn’t be what it is today.

Professor Ray seems to be many students’ favorite professor on campus, so maybe that is why it is difficult to enroll in at least one of his courses. You can be comfortable in his classes because of his easygoing personality.

What boldly stands out about Ray’s personality is his humor. You could be having the worst day, but Ray always has the right comment or joke to slap a smile right on your face.

That is rarely the case with professors, especially when a student honestly enjoys and looks forward to a class at 8 a.m., which many students at Pacific do with Professor Ray’s class.

Alan Ray is a model professor because not only does he teach his subjects well, but he wants students to enjoy what they are learning.

“The communication student must be creative, entrepreneurial and diverse. The dynamic and ever-changing media industries require personnel who can adapt, develop and produce rapidly and continuously,” explained Ray.

Without Professor Ray’s everlasting experience and passion, our Communication Department wouldn’t be the same. Ray knows exactly how to communicate with his students and has changed how we look at media by how we involve ourselves in it. Next time a student enters Professor Ray’s classroom, they should remind themselves how privileged they are to have a teacher like A-Ray.

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