Marena Prlain: A Tiger through & through

                                                                                                                                       Danica Torchin

This girl is going to make you ROAR! Malena Prlain ‘14 is the perfect lady Tiger to spotlight for our Homecoming issue. She dips into every facet of life on campus and is never spotted without some tribute to black and orange. As a member of our women’s water polo team, Prlain always supports her fellow athletic Tigers as well as her friends on the swim team and the volleyball team. Prlain is also on our Pacific Student Athlete Council and the director of the Spirit Committee, which is crucial to getting students out to all of the athletic events, cheering for their school and wearing their orange and black. Prlain reps Pacific in both brawn and brains as she is a double major in business and economics. You can see Prlain representing her pride everyday because for her, attending our school is more than just going to events. Prlain believes that it is about being a part of a community where the faculty knows your name and where students cheer on their friends in the stands of the arenas. Malena Prlain’s commitment to our school is displayed in what she does and what she wears; it is a prime example of school spirit. Prlain is dedicated to bringing her spirit 24/7 and whether she’s in her water polo clothes or showing pride for another team, she will forever be a Tiger through and through.

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