Environmental Consciousness Starts With Being Considerate

The following statement is one most of you are probably tired of hearing–maybe even to the point where you just don’t even care anymore. Climate change is an issue that our generation simply cannot continue to keep pushing back.

First, what spurs climate change? Simply put, it’s caused by humans burning fossil fuels for energy. In October 2013, the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its findings that indicate global warming’s largest contributors were humans.

It’s somewhat undeniable if anyone takes a second to think about it. Humans are some of the most advanced mammals on this planet. We created automobiles, iPods and nuclear power plants. Too much evidence blatantly shows that most things we have innovated on a large scale have a devastating and irrevocable effect on the environment, such as toxic pesticides, coal mining and nuclear bombs—just to name a few. With the amount of hurt we can cause to people and the ecosystem (through wars, industrialization, etc.), we are also not exactly the most considerate beings on the planet.

So, this is the proposal: Be a little more considerate. It’s not that hard at all, and in fact, it’s a quality that comes through in so many areas of life. Being considerate should be defined as the critical thought of being aware, or predicting, what one’s actions has on either an individual, a group of individuals, or an area that he, she, or they inhabit.

It’s a necessary skill that many people take for granted. Perhaps the idea of being considerate has a connotation of being too touchy-feely. Think of it like this: Imagine you are the CEO of a technological manufacturing company, and you were approved to build a factory near a lake where people get their water from. Do you think perhaps possessing the skills to enable you to foresee the possible dangers of that idea would be beneficial to not only you and your company (to save you and them from lawsuits, bad publicity, etc.), but to your fellow neighbors as well?

The idea of being environmentally conscious has worn out its impact. It’s not new anymore, and people think it’s all about hippies on their moral high-horses. Really, the idea behind being environmentally conscious just comes down to being a responsible person in respect to the millions of people who live on the same planet you do.

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