Back then in 1988…

Pacific celebrates the 25-year reunion of the graduating class of 1988, life was different back then:

-President of the United States: Ronald Reagan
-President of Pacific: Dr. Bill Atchley, 22nd President of Pacific (first year in 1987-88)
-Gas price: $1.08
-World Series Champions: Minnesota Twins
-Super Bowl Champions: Washington Redskins
-Homecoming King and Queen: Todd Green ’88 and Dana Hazard ‘88
  -Editor-in-Chief of Pacifican: Patty Fellows ‘88
-During Homecoming, football has a 23-22 victory over Fresno State.
-Ellen DeGeneres performed on Sept. 26, 1987 at Faye Spanos Concert Hall.
-President Atchley wanted to change the traditions during graduation to one unified ceremony, followed by special awards at the individual schools’ ceremonies. However, he relented due to the uproar and protests from students.
-Dean of Admissions, E. Leslie Medford, announces his retirement. He had 26 years of service at UOP).This is the guy that has lunch every day at Pacific.
-Alcoholics Anonymous meetings were held Thursdays in The McCaffrey Center.
-Bob Thomason was selected to become the new men’s basketball coach at 39 years old.
-200th anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution
-America issues an apology to the Japanese Americans who were forced to go to resettlement camps during World War II.
-Pope John Paul II visited the United States in Monterey on Sept. 17, 1987.
-AIDS epidemic: 45 reported cases in San Joaquin County and 21 deaths
-The distribution of condoms at universities across the nation (condom vending machines).
-Laser eye surgery is invented.
-Some popular movies included “Beetlejuice” and “Dangerous Liaisons.”
-A dozen eggs cost 65 cents.
-CDs outsell vinyl records for the first time in history.
-The Human Genome Project begins sequencing DNA.
-The Winter Olympics are held in Canada.

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