No Halloween Costume? Last Minute Ideas!

No Halloween Costume? Last Minute Ideas!

Buzz Feed A perfect Brawny man interpretation for a Halloween Party. You will awlays be prepared to clean up a mess!

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A perfect Brawny man interpretation for a Halloween Party. You will awlays be prepared to clean up a mess!

Halloween is coming up right around the corner! Do you have a costume yet? Well if not no need to worry, I’ve gotcha covered with some last minuet costume ideas that can easily be portray with little money and little time!

-Channel Jane Goodall in head-to-toe khaki and a stuffed chimpanzee, or partner up with someone who already has a gorilla costume!

-Sandy from Grease can be easily portrayed with some black skinny jeans, an off the shoulder black top, black pumps, a blond curly wig (or your own hair curled), and some sassy red lip stick.

-Wednesday Addams can be made easy with a black button-down tucked into a black skirt. Just add braids and make use of your bitchy resting face.

-A little construction paper and elementary drawing skills go a long way for an Operation costume.

-Dress in all black, make a tail and ears, paint some whiskers on your face, and your a classic black cat.

-Slip on some sexy lingerie at a party that night, and your instantly a Victoria’s Secret Model.

Ladies, Grab some school supplies, throw on a white button up top, a red plad skirt, and show off those legs with some black pumps to be a naughty school teacher.

-Own any camo wear? Deck yourself out and throw on a fake beard, boom Duck Dynasty character.

-Already own a loud printed ’80s sweater? Instant Bill Cosby!

-All it takes to be bouncers are black suits, sunglasses, and a rope running between you.

-A plaid shirt and rugged stubble, and a roll of paper towels can help you identify as a Brawny man.

-For all the Breaking Bad fans out there, you don’t need a hazmat suit to be Walter White.

-If you really have nothing to wear, strip (nearly) bare and go as an underwear model.

-Put that vintage leather jacket to good use and release your inner Fonz.

-You can be pretty much anything dead with some white face paint and fake blood.

-Put a pot on your head, your a pothead.

-Affix clothing and dryer sheets to yourself to personify static cling.

-Add a fanny pack to literally any ridiculous looking outfit you already have and you’re instantly a tourist.

-All you need is a sign to be an out-of-work nudist.

-Grab some face paint and an artistic hand to paint your face like the Day of the Dead.

Hopefully these ideas gave you some answers for a Halloween costume this year! If you are stumped on where to find a costume or find supplies for one, check out these places to shop: Target, Spirit halloween, Party City, Walmart, or any craft store. Good luck and Happy Halloween!

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